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iphone-repair-lakeland-280x185There’s not one, but two new iPhones on the horizon – so, let’s take a look at ten things you should know about the new Apple devices before they arrive.

Black, White and Gold

The iPhone 5S is the next generation device and you can excitingly expect to see it available in gold, alongside the traditional black and white colours. It hosts a raft of new hardware features and its battery life surpasses the iPhone 5 lasting for up to 10 hours while browsing on Wi-Fi and up to 250 hours on standby. It’s set to be available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models.

All the Colours of the Rainbow

The iPhone 5C is in a lot of ways the iPhone 5 repackaged but available in a range of five colours – a long cry from the days when it was only available in black. Other notable changes are a better battery life and improved front camera. It’s back and sides are also made from one single seamless part. Expect, it to go on sale on the 20th of this month for less than the current device.

Motion Coprocessor

A motion what? The new iPhone comes with what Apple is calling an M7 ‘motion coprocessor’. The device can now garner data from things like the gyroscope and accelerometer and then use them to keep tabs on your movement and activity throughout the day, weeks and months. It’s the perfect complement to fitness apps and looks set to replace smart health gadgets. In fact, Apple has been working with Nike to develop apps to utilise the technology.

64 Bits

The new A7 processor will be the first smart phone with 64 bit architecture – the same as most desktops have nowadays. This will supposedly allow for twice the CPU speed of the iPhone 5 and also should improve graphics for games notably.

They want your Prints

The new device also is innovative as regards gadgetry and comes with a fingerprint sensor, allowing you and only you, to unlock your phone and authorise iTunes purchases via your finger prints. The sensor used to take your prints is slimmer than a single human hair – pretty nifty.

Miles from Megapixels

The new device has a better camera, but unlike previous phones, it hasn’t focused on increasing the megapixel count. The iPhone 5S comes with a better lens and sensor and therefore lets in more colour and light to create better images. It also has two LED flashes – one white LED and one amber one. This should help analyse room colours and adjust photo tones accordingly.


The new IOS7 is the biggest software change Apple has made in a long time and you should expect to see it rolling out on September 18th. In fact, it’s the biggest update for six years. It’s all new and offers users better battery life during multi-tasking, a smarter Siri that works in conjunction with Twitter, improved photo apps and AirDrop – software that helps you send images, video and content to other Apple devices.

Plenty of Apps

The other exciting thing about IOS7 is that you can expect a smorgasbord of new apps to arrive on the 18th. Developers have had their mitts on the new operating system for over two months now and so there’ll be plenty of new applications arriving the day it’s released.

Free Apps

In addition, Apple is making its own previously paid for apps free for all new IOS devices. So, if you purchase a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch expect to get iPhone, iMovie, Pages, Numbers and Keynote for free.

ITunes Radio

Another great feature, albeit one only for those in the USA is iTunes Radio. This new app is quite similar to LastFM or other similar applications and offers streams based on artists or styles of music.

As you may have guessed, we’re very excited to see the new iPhones and new IOS7 and we’re sure you are too. So, what are you most looking forward to about the new launch?

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